***COVID 19 Disclaimer***
Due to COVID 19 we have changed the layout and plans of our trips.  We will be allowing each veteran who is chosen for a trip to bring a guest.  We would prefer that this guest is a member of your household and they must be 18 years of age or older.  This will allow for us to still put two people in a room while respecting social distancing practices.  When you apply for the trip please put your guests information in the other box.  We will need their full name, DOB, phone number, and email.  Three days prior to the event we will email out health screening questionnaires to all people attending, including your guest; which will be mandatory to fill out in order to attend the event.  We will also call you the day before the event to confirm your health status.  Masks will not be mandatory but we would highly recommend that your bring your own mask and wear it.   
Please bear with us as we try to move our organization forward under the new normal.


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